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Recent content by phobos

  1. phobos


    sure, its real. however its because Mirror had a funny moment and the obf didnt even obf all of it. They payed someone to deobf like 25% of it. Anyway, a lot of Clients are now skidding Hanabi (Eviate code, he is a developer of Hanabi) disabler cough flux cough so yea. Anyway I find it funny how...
  2. phobos

    Client Request Hanabi, Smoke, Ketamine and Integer

    Integer im p sure is dead and has been for ages, Smoke LOL, Hanabi LOL, Ketamine LOL. nigga Integer is not a thing no more, ketamine rn is not working at all, except dev build, Smoke is private and I will not send you the jar lmfao, Hanabi I am an admin of. you are so retarded holy shit.
  3. phobos

    Possibly Infected Centrum intave/hypixel client

    me when tries to hide the fact that they logged a shitty client leak
  4. phobos

    Possibly Infected Can somebody check Skilled client V2?

    its safe and open src im fairly certain, might be wrong abt the open src part tho
  5. phobos

    Client If you have one send it to me please

    he is the owner LOL